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24th February 2013 03:57

ben wrote ...

Good morning! Built a variation of this circuit using MPSH10 transistors (what I had) and a 50.000000 (yes, six zeros) FOX oscillator. Goal was to make a calibration source for an RTL2832 USB stick radio. Works great up to about 800 MHz where it starts to roll off in output, but was still quite usable up to 1 GHz.

Thanks much and and 73, Ben, KD5BYB

4th February 2011 22:57

Alan Yates wrote...


Any specification on the harmonic power levels?

A canned 10 MHz TTL oscillator would almost do that out of the box, the square wave being quite harmonic rich, but of course the even harmonics would be much weaker than the odd ones.



30th January 2011 16:53

Arash wrote ...

Hi, I saw your page and I think you can really help me. I need to design an engineered harmonic comb generator with fundamental frequency of 10 MHz and output signal level of 10 dBm . it should generate harmonics up to and including the 10th harmonic (100 Mhz ) . I have limited knowledge, and any help or design you suggest would be greatly appreciated ?

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