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15th November 2013 01:04

Thomas Plummer wrote...

Nice invention, reminds me of the punched tape coming out of the teletype model-33. The grey code puzzle is brilliant, I was just talking about this to my boss a few weeks ago. Your dry pile work is very intersting as well, this is an area I am heavily involved in right now.

Brilliant work!

Thomas Plummer

Derry, New Hampshire

23rd August 2013 00:40

Ryan wrote...

Hi Alan,

I have been lurking your site for a while now

I know you have not done any pyro stuff in a while.

But I have a question ....

Do you know if it is safe to make strontium chlorate by electrolysis of strontium chloride?

Thanks in advance


8th July 2013 05:30

Dick Cappels wrote...

You have re-invented the dynamic memory and I have to admire your creativity (once again).

3rd June 2013 16:16

Alan Yates wrote...

Hi Peter,

Yeah, I kinda vanished from AU. Sorry about that.

When packing I found that I have one of your books, I left it in AU with my parents to send to you, email me your postal address and I'll return it.

Next time I am in AU we will have to catch up!



28th May 2013 18:59

Peter Marks wrote...

Hey Alan,

Great work on the memory system! I was wondering where you'd got to recently!



16th May 2013 19:47

Alan Yates wrote...


Yeah white LEDs should work fairly well, blue ones do. It doesn't need to be sub 400 nm, but the efficiency of charging the phosphor increases rapidly the more purple the light gets.

Charging is easy, it is the quenching that needs lots of power. I can saturate the phosphor in about 50 ms, I need at least 1500 ms to erase it completely using crazy bright 850 nm IR LEDs. I didn't spend a whole lot of time optimising the erase though.



15th May 2013 07:44

Rob Watson wrote...

Love the glo-memory, totally awesome! Would it work with white GaN based "write" LEDs? - they emit quite a bit of near-UV (and are cheaper?)