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8th September 2013 01:40

majid wrote ...

hello alan

How are you?

An interesting circuit were...However, it was

I am an Iranian student

If possible the information needed to communicate with each other.

Because of the drawbacks I found the circuit

Sorry my English is not so good

For example:

When making circuit,Devices normally start counting automatically after 8 seconds.

There is no radiation in the environment.

If you are able to communicate with me via e-mail.

Thank you.

3rd November 2011 05:13

OE9NRH wrote ...

Hallo Alan

Nice work!

I am wondering about your high zero count rate. Because the chamber is open at only one end, there is no natural air flow through it and the radon concentration inside shall drop to zero after some time. Did you check a welding rod donated with Thorium-Dioxide as a source?

73 from the other side of the planet


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