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24th July 2008 03:46

Daniel Bryant wrote ...

Almost a Tesla coil...or perhaps 'behold the wonders of the helical resonator'?

Did you know that with your coil and low power signal generator, you can also light LED's?

Take a pair of LED's wired in anti-parallel, then earth ground one leg of the LED's, grab the other leg of the LED's with one hand, then bring your other hand near the coil.(with a little inventiveness, you can escape the ground connection, suspend the LED's in the air, and viola wireless LED's)

You can also place a pair of anti-parallel LED's in the ground circuit inbetween ground and the base of the coil, this way you get an easy indicator of when you're in tune.

"whatever electricity is, it behaves like an incompressible fluid" - Nikola Tesla:'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy'

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