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3rd July 2011 17:55

Alan Yates wrote...


Yeah mate, I've since rewired mine that way and ran it last Christmas as a non-blinking star in the window.



3rd July 2011 13:45

Chris Kluge wrote ...


Thanks for the breakdown of the circuit. I had a mate who was sick of pushing the button to get to all on all the time mode and wanted to just plug em in and have em go.

I got into the box using a Dremel (not as much fun as a hammer but way nicer on the bits inside)

I'm no way near as electrically savvy as you but I'd read the output voltage and figured I could just hook the lights straight up to mains (240V in Oz)with a fuse and go.

Still it was nice to have some one in the know confirm it before I went ahead.


5th February 2011 22:43

Alan Yates wrote...


Where do you see 120 Hz in the article, I searched and couldn't find it, if it is in there somewhere it is a typo, should be 100 Hz. Mains here in AU is 50 Hz, not 60 Hz so full-wave rectified you get 100 Hz pulses.



5th February 2011 02:12

Greg wrote ...

Where do you get 120Hz? I thought it would be 100Hz?! Isn't it just chopping off the top and bottom of the 50Hz input and adding them together?

18th January 2010 22:33

Sweatheart wrote ...

Hi Matie

pitty about the board

but you sure fixed it!

What am I doing here - better not to ask!

keep smiling and next time take some 'surronding environment shots too.

7th January 2010 15:26

Herb/WR9H wrote ...

Hello Alan,

Welcome back!!

WOW that burned board is cool....

The repair is even better..



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