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15th January 2011 13:05

Alan Yates wrote...

Sure thing, what does it need to do?

15th January 2011 11:03

Roomy wrote ...

I need some help with similar project ... plzzzzzz

14th April 2009 21:15

Alan Yates wrote...


You can use a Ge diode if it is all you have, but the Si schottky 1N5711 will probably be more sensitive at higher frequencies.

With the biasing even a common 1N4148 or similar Si detector will work fairly well. The biasing might need to be tweaked for different diode types. The MPSA18 is a good choice for the transistor as it has quite a large current gain.



14th April 2009 16:02

Mauro wrote ...

About VHF project

I have some Germanium Diode ( OA) I can use insted 1N5711 ?

Can I have scheme of VHF Prototipe ?


14th April 2009 15:53

Mauro wrote ...

Cngratulation a very great demonstration - Good Article

Fantastic - I will try to build it-

Can you help me ? with some comments and others ?


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