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19th February 2010 10:10

Alan Yates wrote...

Looks like you've got them working great Jeff.

19th February 2010 01:05

jeff evans wrote ...

check out my stinger thanks for the tips! my stinger video

1st November 2009 18:38

jeff evans wrote...

here it is a top sorry gave you my wrong web address

1st January 2009 09:20

Ralph Kosfeld wrote ...

I´m so sorry..

i didnt notice the comment from Mark Bowers

His Link to works !

Cya next time!

best regards


1st January 2009 09:16

Ralph Kosfeld wrote ...

Hello Alan..

Dan Willams Website has moved again, but not on or

So where is that Page gone again?

Thx much for help.

Btw, happy new 2009 !

10th July 2008 18:50

Alan Yates wrote...

Thanks Mark, I've updated the link.

9th July 2008 14:21

Mark Bowers wrote ...

Alan, FYI, all the Dan Williams was removed from my site (which is down at the moment anyway) as he has brought up his own site again.

The URL for Dan's new site is:

Stay Green !

20th March 2008 13:18

Alan Yates wrote...


Dan's website was moved to the website, but when that died it got moved again to

Hopefully it will stay there for a while.

I still have a copy of the site, so if it dies again I can reinstate it somewhere else.



19th March 2008 07:57

Oscar Wallis wrote ...

Hey Alan.

Very intresting yours Stinger.

I wanted to follow your Link to Dan Williams at

But this Webpage dosn´t exist anymore. Have you andy idea where´s gone ?

Thx for reply


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