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1st January 2013 04:13

ElectroNick wrote...

Alan, thanks for the great info! I peeked into your code looking for info on specific ON/OFF timing for a small POV display, also based on ATtiny13, that I'm trying to make. It's only one symbol 12 pixels high / 11 pixels wide. For some reason not getting much luck in having the symbol stay together, so to speak. The 12 Charlieplexed LEDs column is waved by hand, which I think is similar to your device, and the 11 pixel width is POV-scanned. It just looks like waving the thing by hand does not make it syncronous enough for the eye to begin catching the POV effect. I can kinda/sorta see the symbol but only just and only because I know what to look for, noone else can tell what it is :) .

On the other hand, on your pictures your display looks pretty cohesive and easy to read - is this a result of smaller size (my LEDs are whole 3/4" apart) or some clever timing? Or did I just get too greedy trying to do 132 pixels (12x11) on a hand-held POV display? It feels like with mechanical rotation it might just work because of the more stable positions but the application does not allow for any mechanical ties.

Anyway, I would appreciate any comment you might have on specifics of handheld POV that you might discovered working on your own project.

Happy New Year 2013!


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