Comments for "PSK-31 Beacon Mark 2"

26th August 2009 21:31

Alan Yates wrote...


I haven't taken it beyond the prototype stage yet.

Like many of my projects I get side-tracked into something else. I believe the general approach is sound and the software a good start, just the modulator and output stage need some work to build a practical beacon with it.

I have an idea for a rather elegant modulator based on a trifilar transformer and a pair of MOSFETs (perhaps even just the sink FET in the microcontrolller). The final amplifier would be drain/collector modulated with amplitude control from the PWM envelope output of the microcontroller. Gotta try that soon, should make it a very simple circuit.



20th August 2009 06:06

henrique wrote...

Hi, did you continue this project ? Is working ?

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