Comments for "Australia Day 2008"

27th January 2008 09:15

Alan Yates wrote...

I don't really appreciate the view I think, I was born here in Manly hospital, so I've seen it most days of my life.

I miss VNG. I used to use it for time reference when I was a junior member of the BAA NSW Branch. Its a shame we lost it, WWVH is just too unreliable, especially at the bottom of the solar cycle.

I recently narrowly missed a GPS module on eBay that had a 10 MHz output as well as the normal PPS and RS-232 outputs. It would have been very useful as a reference, most of my counters have a 10 MHz internal reference.

27th January 2008 08:22

marxy wrote...

You certainly have a wonderful view there!

It's a pity we no longer have a local time reference transmitted in this region. I remember tuning in to VNG on "4.5, 7.5 and 12MHz"

I guess GPS is the modern equivalent.

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