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16th May 2009 16:22

Alan Yates wrote...


I am a software engineer. Most days anyway.



16th May 2009 11:06

Billy wrote ...

What is your occupation?

8th August 2008 16:52

Senko Fred wrote...

Hello Alan!

I wrote you some time ago about making pine-soot oneself. Well, this project has been very successful. My home-made Senko Hanabi are identical in performance to the best ones on youtube! Yes, exploding sparks about 30cm from the fire-droplet :-). The explosions themselves are thick bushes of thousands of golden sparks emanating from one point, beautiful! I burned pine-resin for this and collected the resulting soot. Quite a job! However, last week I tried doing the same with terpentine (much easier to burn in an oil lamp). The result is (I think) identical! The following weeks I will spend optimizing the formulation (which is more like 54/28/14/4) and I will also put the best paper I tested and rolling method on my website...check out:

Could you also create a comment-option on the senko-hanabi-page? So everyone can help in optimizing this beautiful passtime...



4th July 2008 23:23

Alan Yates wrote...


Thanks, I've fixed the typo.

Glad you like the site. :)



4th July 2008 23:18

Scott wrote ...

Hey Alan,

"More engineer the true scientist, I build, I observe, I tinker"

Should read "More engineer THAN true scientist, I build, I observe, I tinker"

Good informative site though.


27th March 2008 02:52

Itay wrote...

Hi Alan!

I'm very impressed with your site. It's amazing that you did all the stuff you published. I wish I had the time to "tinker" like you do, in the meanwhile I settle for quite simple things :)

Btw, I got my ham license not so long ago, (I'll be called 4Z5TX, still need to setup my rig), I hope we'll have a QSO someday :)

Great site!


29th February 2008 15:38

Andy wrote...

Hi Alan

Great website, great projects, you are a genius!

73 from Switzerland

Andy, Fribourg

If you accidentally know Italian, you'll understand the content of my website

22nd January 2008 04:33

Jesse Parker wrote...

Hi Alan. Great site - great detail and judgement on a lot of topics. We must be twins, because we have a lot of the same interests...

Just a suggestion - you have a lot of unique original content. You are the top google response for searches on pyro, chlorates, antennas, etc. Suggest you set up Google ads to make money from your content. I did. It was very easy (took less than a day) and now I get a cheque for ~$200 a month, despite having almost no content on my site (people are lost, searching for a defunct air carrier!)

Anyway, great site and research. Suggest you make it pay!

Take care.

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