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21st October 2009 10:11

Alan Yates wrote...

G'day Nigel,

Indeed, Peter and I both have FT-817s. They are a very nice little rig. Very portable, internal battery, reasonable user interface (although a bit mind-bending at times).

Mine has recently developed a fault with the audio input multiplexing chip. I noticed because I suddenly couldn't use it for PSK-31 any more. I traced the fault to the switching chip, well in the sense the audio goes into it and doesn't come out again. Not sure if the device is faulty or is not being instructed correctly by the microprocessor. Haven't worked on it further, but a full reset doesn't help so a hardware problem seems more likely. There is a stack of protection between the outside world and that device so I find it unlikely I blew it up through the PSK-31 interface, especially as it is transformer isolated and my laptop floats above ground on the other side of it. Otherwise the radio is unaffected, the microphone still works as an input source.

I haven't read that work by Moxon, but I have been meaning to try the Moxon folded beam antenna for VHF. Roger G3XBM says great things about them.

I have had good success with end-fed half-waves in the inverted-V configuration or just slung over something. Feeding them from one end makes it much easier to set up than a centre-fed dipole and you need not carry much bulky/heavy transmission line. Operating HF pretty much means an excursion for me, the noise floor and antenna restrictions at my QTH limit HF operation to 30 metres and above, even there hearing through the noise is nearly impossible, but I have some fun with beacons, loading up my 3 metre vertical even down to 80 metres.



18th October 2009 11:23

Nigel From RA wrote...

G'day Alan - I was prowling the net looking for "problems"+"ft817" as I'm considering buying one secondhand (an FT817, not a problem...). It was a pleasant surprise to see that my mate Peter has one! I must talk to him about his experiences with it. Bushwalking and the FT817 seem like a good combination for activating remote areas on v/hf where gear has to be walked in.

Have you read Moxon's HF Aerials For All Locations? He describes simple inverted V aerials installed over sloping ground like cliffs near the coast. The results are extraordinary.

7s Nigel VK3DZ