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30th August 2009 22:14

Alan Yates wrote...

Greetings Branko,

Yes the dip-meter is a very useful instrument to have.

The tone-dipper is pretty good, but my super-regenerative version is *far* more sensitive which can be handy. The tone shift of Burkhard's original circuit is a bit limited, the super-regen circuit has a much more obvious tone shift approaching resonance which makes it easier to use.

Unfortunately it is a bit harder to make the super-regenerative circuit oscillate well across broad ranges of frequency, and below about 3 MHz operation becomes difficult. Burkhard's circuit does not have that particular limitation.

Nice website by the way.



30th August 2009 19:47

Branko wrote...

Nice to see that someone else built and is aware of the importance of this instrument! In my amateur work has for decades been a great benefit, so I recommend the construction of this instrument. All descriptions are beautiful.

Greetings from Slovenia!


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