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26th April 2011 20:58

Alan Yates wrote...

Chuck E,

Yeah no doubt you could build it simpler with discrete transistors. Probably use a lot less current and could probably run without a power switch for weeks.

The analogue switch-off hasn't quite happened here yet, but it will soon. The digital channels already outnumber the analogue ones. FM broadcasting will no doubt be around for quite a while yet however.



4th April 2011 09:17

Chuck E wrote ...

A very simple, conventional VHF-range tank circuit with added diode and a two-transistor amp can make an excellent airband rx. I built one years ago and picked up FM broadcast, TV video and audio, public service and aircraft, even high-altitude aircraft from the ground. My receivers were simpler than yours. I was very impressed and want to relive those experiences. Too bad TV has gone digital here in the US. -73, Chuck

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