Carver LC Tester

A Carver-style LC Tester is first calibrated by shorting the Lx input and measuring the output frequency. A calibration capacitance is then added to the Cx terminals and the frequency noted again. This change in frequency allows determination of the device internal capacitances and inductances, calibrating the unit. The calibration capacitor is then removed and normal measurements can be made, inductors in series with the short across Lx, capacitors across Cx.

This calculator also supports computation of the frequency seen when a specified inductance or capacitance is attached. This is useful for variable components or when making up precision values from series/parallel combinations. In this mode the frequency is show to the Hz which is generally more than sufficiently accurate.

Initial Frequency Hz (0:∞)
Calibration Frequency Hz (0:∞)
Calibration Capacitance F (0:∞)
Measured Frequency Hz (0:∞)
Desired Inductance H (0:∞)
Desired Capacitance F (0:∞)