BJT Feedback Amplifiers

Input the emitter current and the intrinsic emitter resistance will be computed. Specify the source and load impedances and one of either the emitter degeneration resistance or the collector-base feedback resistance and the other will be computed for offering a reasonable match. Specify the transition frequency of the device and the frequency of operation and the amplifier small signal input and output impedances will be estimated, along with the transducer gain. You may also specify both the feedback resistance values to be used instead of letting one be computed from the other, this is useful to see the effect of using preferred values.

Emitter Current A (0:∞)
Source Resistance Ω (0:∞)
Load Resistance Ω (0:∞)
Emitter Degeneration Resistance Ω (0:∞)
Collector-Base Feedback Resistance Ω (0:∞)
Transition Frequency Hz (0:∞)
Frequency Hz (0:∞)