Site Rewrite

cheasy under construction barricade - so 90s!

For years now the index of this site has said it needed a complete conversion to a Content Management System. I've finally completed the transformation.

Now that everything is stored in a database and dynamically rendered there are lots of new features for me, as the maintainer. It doesn't look much different, but internally it is vastly different. Maybe I'll change the look some day too, in the past that would have been very difficult, now it would be relatively easy.

With site changes come broken links, the URL for every previously static page has changed, so in order to preserve people's bookmarks and links there is a 404 handler that redirects you to the new links. All newly added pages won't suffer from the problem, and I'll maintain the 404 handler rules indefinately. Hopefully I've caught every file and redirected them to the appropriate page. If you find broken links please email me and I'll fix them.

Three articles were removed from the pyrotechnic section. I intend to replace them with new improved content as I author it. The information there wasn't of much value anyway, the remaining pyro part of the site has far more rich information.

Enjoy the new site!

No doubt there will be bugs, I'll crush them as soon as I notice them, report anything that persists and I'll fix it.