Bill Meara N2CQR writes

Alan: My five year-old son Billy and I built your Trivial Electric Motor this morning. We had great fun with it. Works great. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Bill has is own site full of interesting radio stuff, definitely worth a look.

I've also recently taken some video of the device running. It was taken with my girlfriend's Fuji FinePix 2600's video feature, which unfortunately produces very large AVI files and requires lots of light for good results. Here is a few seconds of footage, the file is about one megabyte. It is spinning much faster than the frame rate so there is blur and harmonic beating going on, in real life it turns very fast, at least 1100 RPM at 1.5 volts from a D cell. I measured this using the same strobe as I used for my Projectile Motion Pictures.

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