G3XBM's XBM80-2 Trivial 80 Metre CW Transceiver

As a keen subscriber to Roger's blog, I've been following his and his audience's work on the XBM80-2. It is such a neat little transceiver, I just had to build one myself eventually.

Of course it is a little ironic that I built a CW transceiver, when I can't RX CW! More incentive to learn.

The Final Transceiver

I initially bread boarded the vanilla circuit which works fine. Investigating the performance of the circuit as specified by Roger gave me something to compare any customisations against.

The bread boarded vanilla XBM80-2 circuit.

Naturally though, I ended up making my own changes in the more permanent version after fiddling with the bread board version:

Circuit diagram of my version of the XBM80-2.

My Changes



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